Let's take time to truly get to know one another...

The honest truth is that most members of Atlanta's start up community have never spent more than 10 minutes of quality down-time together; most have never met the family, or the significant others, of most other community members. We are simply too busy running around, building product(s) and hustling customers - we're acting like founders 99% of the time we spend together.

Well, we're not sure about you, but we've decided that we've "experienced" enough conferences and un-conferences. We needed the opposite of a Hack-a-Thon. We realized that we're craving an opportunity to truly spend some quality time together; to honestly get to know one another. Serenbe, seemed like the perfect combination of nearby resort and upscale camp. Start Camp was born.

Here's the deal, it's really simple. You bring your tent, the kids, a full cooler and smores and you will find a great Southern dinner, a big campfire and the Southern start up community in rare form. Come walk the trails, enjoy a guided tour of Serenbe, bring your rods and fish in the lake, share your Founders' Fables, visit the petting zoo and maybe even meet your next co-founder or next great hire. Registration is just $20 - including dinner and s'more supplies.

START CAMP 2013 is the afternoon of July 23 through the morning of July 24 at Serenbe in Chatt Hill, Ga.

  • "I can't wait for the s'mores eating contest!"
    Ethan Henderson
  • It's important for the Atlanta startup community to get together to have fun and relax - especially at events like Start Camp that let our kids and spouses join us and met all the great folks we work with.
    Scott Henderson - Hypepotamus
  • Breaking bread is more important than slapping backs.
    James Harris - N4MD

Be Prepared...

Inspired by the motto of Boy Scouts, we thought that it would be wise to provide a list of fun-facts that will help you make the most of Start Camp 2013. The cost of Start Camp 2013 is a start up friendly $20 per person. That includes your entrance, a plate at the Southern Dinner, participation in the Hypepotamus Start Up Academy graduation, space around the fire - including all the ingredients to make smores, and the ability to pitch your tent within the camp site.

Please remember to bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes. It's July in Georgia and we will be outdoors - Camp is always casual...

What's on the menu for dinner?

Farm-to-Table family style dinner,
featuring world Marie's famous fried chicken
with seasonal side dishes.

Meet the Camp Sponsors.

We've been kicking this idea around for some time; and with lots of planning and a few favors called in, start camp 2013 was birthed.